FaultRisk Family of Products

Access the power of FaultRisk when, where, and how you need, in a cost effective manner. FaultRisk is available in a variety of options to suit any business or project.

And of course FaultRisk is fully supported by expert consulting and training services. FaultRisk is easy to use and produces excellent results because it harnesses advanced computational methods. This puts your your computer to work for you, doing what it was designed to do. We offer a range of ways to run FaultRisk that optimise the “user experience”.

FaultRisk Ecosystem

FaultRisk software adapts to live in your world, the way you need it to.

The FaultRisk software is available in a number of forms. In all cases, the key functionality and GUI is the same. We aim to provide fault seal analysis where you need it, whilst providing seamless data interoperability and common screen layouts. We make it easy for you to transfer data between products and or switch between host software products.

FaultRisk Workstation

  • Our classic application which has been tuned by our consulting business.
  • Allows geoscientist to quickly and efficiently provide fault seal analysis from the most basic of data input (PowerPoint).
  • Ideal for use for internal  consulting groups and New Ventures reviews of  farm-in opportunities.

FaultRisk Enterprise

  • The Enterprise product has been designed for use in larger organizations to facilitate:
    • Aggregation of fault seal and prospect data:
      • Easy data interchange to help with Quality Control,
      • Standardization of workflows.
  • Software clients for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
  • The FaultRisk data is held in a central Relational Database.
  • Computation is conducted on dedicated Linux computation servers.
  • With an open database policy it is straightforward to integrate FaultRisk results into corporate data structures.

Third Party versions of FaultRisk

FaultSeal have been working with a range of third party software companies to provide FaultRisk as a plug-in for industry standard software tools. We feel it is vital that you should be able to conduct the same solid probabilistic fault seal analysis in your tools of choice. To date we have two plug-ins available.

FaultRisk DecisionSpace® Plug-in Available from Landmark

  • FaultRisk is the first commercial 3rd party plug-in for Landmark Software's next generation seismic interpretation platform, DecisionSpace®.
  • Positioned in the realm of the seismic interpreter generating leads and prospects.
  • Working directly from OpenWorks it allows you to:
    • Improve your fault polygons,
    • Conduct the normal range of fault and top seal.
  • This plug-in shares a common infrastructure and GUI allowing for standardization of prospect risking across software products.

FaultRisk Petrosys Plug-in Available from Petrosys

Petrosys is the industry leading mapping software used by generalists to produce prospect maps and high quality development maps.

  • The plug-in works from within:
    • The mapping window to:
      • Improve fault mapping gridding and contouring,
      • Provide regional fault statistics. Root software and conduct prospect evaluations.
  • This plug-in shares a common infrastructure and GUI allowing for standardization of prospect risking across software products.