Allan Maps Made Useful

FaultRisk allows you to apply information at hand to generate Allan Maps and Displacement Profiles. FaultRisk software is simple to install, easy to use and provides fast, accurate results.

Gone are the days of laboriously hand drawing Allan Maps, or constructing complex and unwieldy excel spreadsheets. FaultRisk gives you a quick and easy way to assess faults and predict if they seal or leak.

With an intuitive interface and streamlined workflows, experienced and generalist geoscientists/engineers can obtain fault seal results in hours rather than days.

Simple inputs: Use maps and data that are readily available to you.

FaultRisk provides results that allow you to risk and rank prospects simply and productively. The 4 simple steps in the FaultRisk workflow are:

  1. Enter a stratigraphy
  2. Import a map
  3. Digitize a fault
  4. Run the Fault Monte Carlo Simulations