FaultRisk is the best way to calculate volumes for faulted prospects

  • Faulted Prospect Volumetrics

    Faulted Prospect Volumetrics

    FaultRisk generates Allan Maps, calculates Leak Points and integrates this key information with depth area plots to produce distributions of trapped hydrocarbons. Read More
  • Allan Maps Made Useful

    Allan Maps Made Useful

    FaultRisk allows you to apply information at hand to generate Allan Maps and Displacement Profiles. FaultRisk software is simple to install, easy to use and provides fast, accurate results. Read More
  • FaultRisk Gets Results

    FaultRisk Gets Results

    Allan Maps and risk profile data volumetric results feed directly into your volumetric calculations. Timely results mean better decisions, faster. Read More
  • FaultRisk is Accurate

    FaultRisk is Accurate

    With over 6 years of R&D and the analysis of over 3,000 faults, FaultRisk is not only easy to use, it is proven technology. Read More
  • FaultRisk Family of Products

    FaultRisk Family of Products

    Access the power of FaultRisk when, where, and how you need, in a cost effective manner. FaultRisk is available in a variety of options to suit any business or project. Read More
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FaultSeal Privacy Policy

FaultSeal Finance Pty Limited, (and its permitted licensees and assignees and related companies and trusts) ("FaultSeal") believes your right to privacy is important and should be protected. This document explains FaultSeal’s policies relating to its management, security, use and disclosure of personal information which is covered by the Australian Privacy Act (Commonwealth).

FaultSeal may update this privacy policy from time to time to take account of new developments in technology, the law or its business practices. Please contact FaultSeal at the address below or at its website (www.faultseal.com) (the "Website") for a copy of the most up to date privacy policy.


FaultSeal collects personal information from contractors, employees, business partners, members of the public, advertisers, prospective employees and recruitment agencies. FaultSeal also collects information via the Website (this includes information contained in cookies) in particular via the registration page.

FaultSeal only collects personal information which is relevant to its business. Typical information collected includes (without limitation) information about an individual’s: name, address, email and telephone contact details, gender, occupation, and interests. FaultSeal may collect other information or opinions submitted by individuals to FaultSeal or via the Website as part of the Website email forum. Individual’s have the option of entering certain registration information to enable them to use the Website. If the information requested is not provided, individuals will not be able to utilise some of the facilities provided on the Website. Individuals are not obliged to provide any personal information if they do not wish to do so.


FaultSeal uses the personal information it collects from individuals for the following primary purposes:

  • to provide a forum for discussion on the science of fault seals.
  • to enable FaultSeal to manage and enhance its services and to carry out product development, research and analysis.
  • to provide individuals with information relating to the science or fault seals and other research, marketing and promotional information.

Individuals may notify FaultSeal at any time in writing at the address provided below if they do not wish to receive any further information.

FaultSeal will only disclose the personal information it holds about individuals to the following organisations or persons:

  • organisations involved in providing, managing or administering activities, products or services relating to the science of fault seals. Such organisations may include (without limitation); conference organisers, insurers, professional and financial advisers, product development specialists, or third party suppliers or contractors.
  • organisations involved in maintaining, reviewing and developing FaultSeal’s products, services, business, or computer systems.
  • where an individual has registered as a user of the Website and the email forum and consented to disclosure of their registration information, this information (which may include personal information) may be disclosed to other Website users.
  • if authorised or required by law FaultSeal may disclose personal information to other organisations, government or regulatory bodies.


FaultSeal believes it is important to keep the personal information it holds about individuals secure from misuse and unauthorised disclosure. FaultSeal will take reasonable steps to protect personal information, which include the following:

  • access control for FaultSeal’s offices.
  • security and password protection measures.
  • confidentiality requirements for FaultSeal’s employees.


FaultSeal aims to ensure that the personal information it collects, uses and discloses is complete, accurate and up-to-date. You can update the information held about you by contacting FaultSeal at the address included below. Alternatively, you can update your information on the ’update your details’ section of the Website.


You have a right to access certain personal information held about you, subject to exceptions allowed by law. If you request access to the personal information held about you, FaultSeal will ask you to verify your identity and specify what information you require. FaultSeal may charge a fee to cover their reasonable expenses in meeting your request.


You can contact FaultSeal at the following address:

Suite 7, Level 5, 66 Hunter St Sydney 2000 Australia

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.faultrisk.com

For more information about your privacy rights, you can visit the website of the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner at: www.privacy.gov.au