FaultRisk is the best way to calculate volumes for faulted prospects

  • Faulted Prospect Volumetrics

    Faulted Prospect Volumetrics

    FaultRisk generates Allan Maps, calculates Leak Points and integrates this key information with depth area plots to produce distributions of trapped hydrocarbons. Read More
  • Allan Maps Made Useful

    Allan Maps Made Useful

    FaultRisk allows you to apply information at hand to generate Allan Maps and Displacement Profiles. FaultRisk software is simple to install, easy to use and provides fast, accurate results. Read More
  • FaultRisk Gets Results

    FaultRisk Gets Results

    Allan Maps and risk profile data volumetric results feed directly into your volumetric calculations. Timely results mean better decisions, faster. Read More
  • FaultRisk is Accurate

    FaultRisk is Accurate

    With over 6 years of R&D and the analysis of over 3,000 faults, FaultRisk is not only easy to use, it is proven technology. Read More
  • FaultRisk Family of Products

    FaultRisk Family of Products

    Access the power of FaultRisk when, where, and how you need, in a cost effective manner. FaultRisk is available in a variety of options to suit any business or project. Read More
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Faultless Resource Estimates

Geologic faults can bring both risk and reward in prospect generation and reservoir development. Faults trap oil and gas, but can complicate the number and position of exploratory, appraisal and development wells, leading to higher drilling risks and costs. With FaultRisk, in just 3 simple steps, you can better evaluate the probability of finding trapped oil and gas near faults and make informed decisions earlier in the exploration process.

The FaultRisk workflow is:

  1. Entering a stratigraphy
  2. Importing a map
  3. Digitizing a fault

After conducting these 3 simple steps, the FaultRisk software produces the outputs necessary to assess the risk related to your project.

FaultRisk Outputs include:

  • Displacement profiles
  • Interactive Allan maps
  • Cumulative frequency plots
  • Summary leak point tables

Model faults painlessly

Reduce geological uncertainties and determine the impact of faulting on hydrocarbon trapping and distribution, quickly and efficiently. FaultRisk puts sophisticated, yet easy-to-use fault seal modeling tools into your hands. Identify whether or not a trap is present, estimate petrophysical properties along a fault, and assess the probability that the fault is either a barrier or conduit to flow, or whether it is leaking or sealing. Then feed the results directly into volumetric calculations.

Reduce dry hole risks and costs

FaultRisk mitigates the danger of drilling dry holes by rejecting poor prospects earlier in the exploration phase of the asset life cycle. It calculates seal potential and associated risks, and helps identify smaller accumulations and attic oil and evaluate whether the amounts achieve economic thresholds. With this information, you can position expensive wells in optimal locations.

Minimize reliance on technical experts

Structural geologists are increasingly occupied with complex projects and unconventional plays. Unlike modeling tools designed for specialists, the FaultRisk plug-in lets generalists perform fault seal modeling. Review fault-dependent leads and prospects efficiently and quickly – without extensive knowledge, training or significant input from specialists.

Review leads and evaluate prospects faster

Companies often perform fault seal analysis in-house using ad hoc spreadsheets – a time consuming and risk-prone process. The FaultRisk plug-in simplifies and accelerates the workflow from initial seismic interpretation through lead generation, prospect evaluation, volumetric calculation, and well planning. Using the plug-in, perform fault seal analysis in a few hours – review leads more quickly, and focus more profitably on prospects.

FaultRisk Ecosystem

The FaultRisk software is available over a variety of platforms and access options. In all cases, the key functionality and GUI is the same. We aim to provide fault seal analysis where you need it, whilst providing seamless data interoperability and common screen layouts. We make it easy for you to transfer data between products and or switch between host software products.

  • FaultRisk Workstation
  • FaultRisk Enterprise
  • Third Party versions of FaultRisk
    • FaultRisk DecisionSpace® Plug-in Available from Landmark
    • FaultRisk Petrosys Plug-in Available from Petrosys